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Charlotte Reese by bec-A16 Charlotte Reese by bec-A16

Name: Charlotte Reese Sawyer

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5’6”, 174 lbs

Age: 22

Birthday: April 6th, 2011

Weapon: Inscribed Dagger


Patron Information-

Base Element: Fire

[First Patron]

Name: Thack

Having the appearance of a hyena-dog hybrid, with the heart of a fox, the fire patron Thack is clever, sly and protective. While preferring to spend his time lounging anywhere soft, whether that be a lap, or bunched up blanket, if danger threatens those who he has come to care for, he’s as fierce as a tiger.

Ability 1


Level 1: Upon attack, Charlotte is able to heat her dagger to 100 degrees, causing first degree burns to whom ever it lands contact with, but only if the contact is placed for a time greater than five seconds. Heat only stays with the blade for two hits.

Level 2: By raising the blade temperature of her dagger another 60 degrees, second degree burns are able to form after only three seconds. The blade retains it’s temperature for an added hit.

Level 3: The dagger now able to hold it’s temperature of 215 degrees for a prolonged six to eight strikes, immediate burns are given when the blade strikes its target. 


Personal Information-


An outspoken girl since her childhood, Charlotte is always chatting about, whether it be giving her opinion to a discussion, or speaking more calmly while aiding a friend. However, despite her outwardly boisterous self, often times there is nothing more Charlotte would rather do than curl up under a pile of blankets and read for hours on end or open up her laptop and go to town writing chapters in the various short stories she starts, but never seems to finish. She adores people, finding the different natures and attitudes of everyone she meets to be fascinating. Through this love for meeting new people, it would be assumed that Charlotte would make friends easy, but when it comes to making a true connection with another person, she tends to shut away her emotions, pushing potential friends away without much implied effort. If someone is special enough to break through her shell and befriend her, they have a guaranteed life-long companion, for one of Charlotte’s best attributes is her fierce loyalty to those she cares most about.


Raised by her father in the heart of the city, from day one Charlotte was surrounded with the bustle of a fast paced, red-hot life.

As a man who found himself a widower at thirty, William Sawyer held his daughter up on a bubble protected pedestal, giving her everything she longed for. Some would say Charlotte grew up spoiled, but being moved around nearly every few months since her birth, it’s easy to see why William gave his daughter everything and anything. During the years of bouncing between jobs, apartments, as well as coming and going from people’s lives, Charlotte and her father grew very close to one another, creating a bond that was the only constant thing in the life of the pair for nearly a decade.

When Mr. Sawyer  finally did settle down in the heart of NYC with a steady job and lease, Charlotte was nine and as outgoing as ever. Being able to start at a school on a permanent basis excited her, and the redhead quickly fell into the social normalities of school.

Throughout her school years, Charlotte was fairly popular and never had much trouble with either her academics or social standing. She had “friends” a plenty, and was fairly high ranking in her class. Throughout the years of education, Charlotte did manage to find a strong passion for writing and in her sophomore year of high school, joined the newspaper club as the journalist for the arts column. Within weeks of starting her junior year, she was voted vice president and editor of the club, overseeing much of the paper.

While Charlotte was not as overjoyed to put high school behind her as some of her peers, going from graduation to college, she was able to reach another level of potential with her passion for writing. Once again joining the campus newspaper club, Charlotte only escalated her love for literature by starting a small club for the writers around campus, enabling them to get together and mingle, sharing stories and thoughts with one-another. It was after starting this club that she made her first set of good friends and really found her passion for life.

It was the year after her college graduation that Charlotte met her patron spirit. Since graduating with a degree in elementary English education, she landed a job at the local family center where she would tutor children after school or aid the younger ones with gaining literature skills. As well as caring for the children at the center, she started an organized reading group for the mothers who came to the shelter. Through the year of work there, Charlotte grew very close to one mother and child, Olivia and her four-year old son Lucas, who frequented the center, a place they could escape the abusive hand of the man at their home.

Acting as a confidant and friend to Olivia, as well as a second mother to Lucas, the three were soon closer than family. After only six months of working at the center and knowing the pair, Charlotte had appeared in court several times as a witness against the detrimental acts of Olivia’s husband. Through her strong loyalty and unwillingness to give up, Charlotte was able to be a key aid in winning the case which revoked all parental rights from the man, along with sending him to jail for two years. After the trial, however, Olivia had decided that it would be best for her to move across state to stay with her mother till she was able to get back on her feet. Because of this decision, Charlotte was separated from her friend, but it was no more than two days later when she met her patron spirit.

It was because of this long lasting act of loyalty and friendship that Thack, a patron of fire, choose to appear to Charlotte. Coming across him on her walk home from work one night, Thack made himself known to the young woman as a small, red-furred dog laying still in a puddle of melted snow. Only after moving close enough to the still animal to feel the heat radiating off his back did he stand and identify himself. Although first taken aback by the offer he presented her, after one long night of tossing and turning, Charlotte knew the answer was yes.

Roleplay Sample:

Shutting the door to her apartment with a groan, Charlotte wriggled out of her heavy winter jacket and tossed it aside onto a bench, her shoes kicked off, following the coat in pursuit. The long day of work that had consisted of a broken radiator and three spoiled boxes of food, had tired her out and she was longing for a bowl of chicken soup and a night spent wrapped up in the coziest of blankets.

Yawning, she bolted the lock on her door and trudged further into the tiny apartment, off to the kitchen to heat up her late-night dinner. While starting to heat up a can of Campbell's soup in a pan over the stove, she turned the radio on and started to sing along to the classic rock music that had been seeded in her tastes when she was still in diapers.

When the soup had started simmering, and Charlotte was smiling again, all of the day’s stressful events seemed to melt away with the prospect of the relaxing night to come. After pouring the soup into a bowl, she snagged her book off the counter and danced her way over to the couch, where she would proceed to sit for hours in the comfort of blankets, fictional characters, and rock music.
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Thanks everybody! :D I'm excited to be here, and get rolling with being active now that my life has settled back down. *knock on wood*
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This looks like a rad lady! I can't wait to see her in action!

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